Primobolan (chemical name methenolone) is one of the most popular drying steroids of all time. Low side effects in combination with medium anabolic properties give Primobolan good muscle-drying properties and versatility. The fact that it is one of the few anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) used by the great Arnold Schwarzenegger gives it an unsurpassed reputation. Primobolan is available in two versions, methenolone acetate (oral) and metenolone enanthate (injection).


Methenolone was discovered in 1960 and sold two years later. It was originally manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Squibb, which sold methenolone under the trade name Nibal (in the case of the injectable version of Nibal Depot). A few years later, however, the rights to manufacture the steroid were transferred to the West German company Schering, after which the steroid was renamed Primobolan.

Because Schering Primobolan did not officially sell in the United States and Nibal was not manufactured for a long time, the American market pharmaceutically lost methenolone forever. But it was still imported from Europe by special order. This is probably the main reason why Primobolan is so often associated with European bodybuilders, including Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Medical application

Medical application

Although Primobolan is not sold in the United States, it is one of the few steroids that are not banned for medical use by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Together with Anavar, Primobolan has been shown to be very successful in treating fatigue syndrome in children associated with HIV, osteoporosis and inhibitory effects. Primobolan also has other therapeutic and prophylactic properties – it works very well as an immunostimulant in the treatment of serious infections.

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Another interesting use of primobolan was found by bodybuilders in the 1970s and 1980s, who used it to treat gynecomastia. This may sound strange, but some scientific studies have shown that methenolone can actively fight breast cancer in postmenopausal women. This is why the use of primobolan in the treatment of gynecomastia does not seem so special.



Both versions of primobolan (oral and injectable) are based on the same active ingredient, metenolone. Chemically, Primobolan and Primobolan Depot differ only in their structure from the esters attached to them. They therefore differ only in bioavailability and mode of administration.

Methenolone itself is a dehydrotestosterone (DHT) derivative with a double bond between the hydrocarbon atoms 1 and 2. Due to this structure, the 3-keto group becomes more stable, which increases the anabolic potential of this hormone. Both versions of primobolan are partially protected from degradation in the liver and have a 1-methyl group attached to their structure.

Methenolone has weak androgenic and anabolic properties. In this regard, many compare this steroid with Anavar and Masteron and theoretically assume that it is weaker than these two steroids. In fact, Primobolan is a little more anabolic than Masteron, so it is used for the same purpose – drying.

Primobolan has a property that makes it such a good dehydrating steroid. As a derivative of DHT, it binds to androgen receptors (AR) stronger than testosterone. This property has a very positive effect on fat loss, as this interaction with AR stimulates lipolysis (fat loss). Like other anabolic steroids DHT, Primobolan does not taste like estrogen, so water does not stay in the body and the supplied muscles are very clean and have good contraction. Aromatase inhibitors or SERMs also do not need to be used with Primobolan alone.

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Bodybuilders love Primobolan’s ability to maintain high levels of nitrogen in the body. This feature not only allows you to maintain muscle mass on low calorie diets, but also increase weight.

However, the use of Primobolan is not limited to drying. This is an excellent combination drug for other steroids, which can also be beneficial during the weight gain phase.

Depot Primobolan. Dosage

Depot Primobolan. Dosage

Primobola depots were originally prepared in two forms – enanthate ester or acetate ester. Prior to its abolition in 1993, acetate was a popular bodybuilder and, thanks to its faster-acting ester, the optimal steroid for pre-competition surgeries. Thus, only primobolan remained with enanthate tests for injections.

Primobolan for injection has the same properties as the oral version. It is therefore a very good surgical steroid that can be used alone or in combination with other AAS. However, there is a difference that makes Primobolan Depot the recommended version of methenolone compared to its oral equivalent.

Because Primobolan Depot completely avoids direct contact with the liver, it does not break during the first passage through the liver. This means that it is more effective than oral primobolan and lower doses are enough to achieve good results. This is a very important point, especially given the high market value of Primobolan. Compared to the nearest milligram, Primobolan Depot has better performance, which can save money.


The average dose of injectable primobolan is 600-800 mg per week and taking less than 200 mg simply does not make sense. Some experienced bodybuilders try higher doses, but in this case you need to be very careful with supplemental medications and PCT.

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