Primobolan Depot is an injectable Methenolone Enanthate anabolic steroid by Spectrum-Pharma of Europe. It is characterized by relatively smooth and fairly long performance, so it is in demand among athletes of different levels of experience, including women in sports. As a sports doping, it is mainly used for high-quality muscle building: in drought courses or weight gain courses.

Metenolone anthate, the active substance of the drug, is a prolonged (5-7 days before half-life) metenolone ester available only in the form of injections on the pharmaceutical market in the CIS (ampoules and drums of 1 -10 ml). For comparison, the short ester of methenolone acetate (12-24 hours before half-life) is presented on the pharmaceutical market in domestic countries exclusively in the form of tablets (tablets or capsules).

What effect does Primobolan Depot have on an athlete? When building a course for sports purposes, the effect of the drug is expressed in the qualitative growth of muscles, the development of stiffness and muscle relief, the acceleration of recovery and the increase in working capacity. This is not the optimal anabolic steroid choice for a solo cutting cycle or a solo weight gain cycle, but when combined with other sports pharmacology, from testosterone enanthate to growth hormone, it will allow you to make visible gains.

The side effects of Primobolan Depot, on the other hand, are minimal or unregistered. Methenolone enanthate is rightfully considered one of the safest anabolic steroids sought after as a sports doping agent. Rare but possible: insomnia, irritability, headache, pain and discomfort from injections; some other side effects. Don’t forget to suppress testosterone production.

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Note: The drug does not aromatize (does not convert to estrogen) and is non-hepatotoxic (non-toxic to the liver).

Use of Primobolan Depot

Use of Primobolan Depot

Whether in combination or alone, Primobolan is often used for cutting. Non-aromatized steroids like Halotestin and Trenbolone are the best option to stack with Primobolan during the cutting cycle. There is no swelling, no accumulation of fat. Extremely clean, hard and durable muscles enhance your looks.

However, Primobolan can also be used in weight gain phases in combination with steroids such as testosterone, Dianabol or Anadrol. In this case, the increase in mass leads to a clearer drawing of the muscles. In addition, Primobolan will partially suppress estrogen accumulation.

Effects of Application

Effects of Application
  • Primobolan Depot is very mild and the risk of side effects is minimal.
  • No aroma.
  • It practically does not cause an increase in “bad” cholesterol.
  • Ideal for maintaining lean muscle mass.
  • Minimal suppression of endogenous testosterone compared to other drugs.

Primobolan Depot: course and dosage

Working doses of the substance are selected strictly individually. If we give average values, men are not recommended to add more than 200-400 mg per week. Otherwise, the risk of side effects bias becomes a real threat.

The optimal dose of Primobolan Depot for women is 50 to 100 mg per week. Athletes, unlike athletes, should beware of masculinization of the body, which is accompanied by symptoms, type of deepening of the voice, increased aggression, facial hair and (or) body hair.

The course of Primobolan Depot is a long cycle (≈ 8-10 weeks), during which injections are carried out systematically (≈ 2 times a week).

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Combined course Primobolan Depot

Think of some examples of combined courses. This is important because use in combination with other sports pharmacologies is the primary way methenolone anthate is used by athletes as well as athletes.

1) Primobolan Depot + Oxandrolone supplement for 6-8 weeks: for women to burn fat, build muscle and increase strength.

2) Primobolan Depot + Boldenone Undecylenate + Oxandrolone 8-10 weeks, for men (beginners) to build muscle mass.

3) Primobolan Depot + Testosterone Enanthate + Methandienone for 10-12 weeks, for experienced athletes using sports pharmacology for maximum muscle building.

PCT after using Primobolan Depot

After completing the Primobolan Depot course, post-cycle therapy is required. It is essential for everyone without exception. If you naturally want to save the fruit and not ruin your health.

However, like all steroid drugs, it is still, albeit to a lesser extent, still able to inhibit testosterone production itself.

After the course, we take your favorite antistrogen, you can take Clomid or Tamoxifen and make sure a dose from a minimum, Clomid – 50 mg daily, Tamoxifen 10 mg daily and takes about a month. two.

Sports nutrition will not be unnecessary, complex amino acids in combination with protein can work well, add tribulus, good vitamins, ZMA, pay attention to a healthy diet, shorten your workouts in the gym by about half or more, relax let and at least sleep. eight hours a night.